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5 questions you should ask your electricity company

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Do you want to change your electric company and don’t know what to ask them? At Gana Zone we want to help you know if you are really paying what is fair on your bill or they are hiding some condition from you.


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At the low cost electricity company Gana Energía we know that the electricity sector is complicated, for this reason we are going to show you the 5 questions that you should ask any electricity company to achieve the greatest possible savings for your bill.

Before we start, we remind you that we are on promo! Get a €50 discount on electricity and €20 on gas spread over your first 10 bills if you sign up with Gana Energía until May 27th. Get your discount!

What are the common questions for your electricity company?

Every day, whether or not you are a customer of an electricity company, users ask us about electricity rates and other questions offered by an electricity company.


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At Gana Energía, we have energy experts who can help you have things clear, such as knowing what you have contracted, what rate is best for you according to your habits, etc.

Among the most common questions from users, we have the following:


It is important to know what type of rate you have and which is the one that best suits your lifestyle in order to optimize your bill to the maximum. If your company does not, it means that it is not interested in you changing to a rate in which you would pay less.

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The first thing we recommend is that you know if you are in the regulated market with a PVPC rate or in the free market, with a greater range of possibilities to adapt your rate to your consumption habits.

For this reason, at Gana Energía, we carry out a personalized study from the outset to recommend the electricity and gas rate with which you will save the most.

How we operate in free market we offer rates at cost price, rates with hourly discrimination and discounts that you can get thanks to our Friend Plan or our Collaborator Program.

Among the rates we offer are the 2.0TD for homes and small businesses and the 3.0TD for SMEs and low voltage industry. Among those that may interest you, you can find the following:

  • Rate 2.0TD Without More Than Earns Energy: rate at cost price with hourly discrimination to save more during the year.
  • Earn Energy Online 2.0TD Rate: fixed-price rate with only 1 energy period to earn peace of mind by consuming energy at any time of the day.
  • Rate 2.0TD Without More Than Earn Energy: rate at a fixed price in each of the 3 energy time slots (Valley, Llano and Punta) to earn peace of mind.

What is the price per kWh and the contracted power?

The price per kWh varies depending on the wholesale market fluctuations. In the free market, you have the possibility of suffering less from its effects.

At Gana Energía, we want to be totally transparent with you, for this reason, in each of our cheap electricity rates you can find both the kWh prices and the prices of the contracted power specified.

In addition, we help you choose the power you should hire so as not to pay more. Whether you are in a flat, in a commercial premises or in an industry, we advise you.


Some companies use the difficulty in understanding an electricity bill to add insurance charges for repairs or any other type of service that you have not requested to ensure an extra benefit.

At Gana Energía, from the first moment we help you choose what you need and we clearly specify everything for which you are paying.

Do you have permanence?

There are many companies that require you to stay with them, especially in the regulated market. If you are not interested in being tied to an electric company, you should know that at Gana Energía we do not have permanence.

Do you offer 100% green energy?

Sustainability and the environment are issues that are becoming more and more relevant. At Gana Energía we are aware of this and, for this reason, from the first moment we offer electricity rates that come from 100% green energy providers.

Can I control my spending?

One of the things that consumers demand the most is the possibility of being able to control their spending on electricity at all times to know if they are really saving on their bill.

At Gana Energía we have our own application so that you can be aware of the consumption you make and thus be able to know if your rate is adapted to your consumption habits.

We hope we have been able to help you understand what you should know about your electricity company in order to save on your electricity bill. Remember that, at Gana Energía, we advise you to choose the electricity rate with which you will save the most.

Find out more on the Gana Zone website or call us at 900 535 689. And remember that we are on promo! Get a €50 discount on electricity and €20 on gas spread over your first 10 bills if you sign up until May 27!


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