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5 advantages that 5G offers and you still don’t know

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5G unknown advantages

The quality of 5G and communications is more relevant than ever. They are key to making smooth videoconferences or facilitating teleworking. In any case, this technology that is already with us presents itself very well thanks to the many advantages that we can have over others, such as 4G. This time you do it from important ones that you probably did not know. Did you know that with her it is possible save lifes?

5G, a superior experience

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While previous generations of communications technology aimed to ensure connectivity, 5G technology takes connectivity to the next level in the form of advantages by offering connected cloud experiences to the clients. Thus, these networks are virtualized, run through software and take advantage of cloud technologies.

The 5G network also simplifies mobility, with seamless open roaming capabilities between the smartphone and our devices and WiFi access. In this way, users can stay connected while roaming over outdoor wireless connections and on-premises wireless networks without user intervention or, where appropriate, the need to re-authenticate.

To obtain that speed, and as one of the advantages that we have with 5G, it is that it does so using higher frequencies than previous networks. The tradeoff with higher frequencies is that their signals don’t travel as far and allow them to be easily blocked by buildings. But what other ways can we benefit from it?

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Advantages we have with 5G

In any case, although it is true that the incipient 5G technology, which could still take a decade to develop massively, foresees its main impact in the industrial sector and not in communications between people, the transition from 4G to 5G will bring significant changes and benefits for users.

These are, for example, a higher download speed, the possibility of having more devices connected at the same time and a shorter response time from when an order is given to an electronic device until it is executed. The same are some of the benefits that we will perceive in our day to day. Among all, we see the following.

a top speed

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The main advantage of 5G technology, and the one that is most striking among all its advantages, is speed. It does so by vastly surpassing current fiber optic networks, as it provides a speed of up to 10GBpswhich allows you to access digital content in high quality without any interruption.

5G latency advantages

It seems that finally the buffer error It will start to be part of the past. In this way, we could also enjoy video calls, practically, real time. The pandemic situation has highlighted the importance of fluid communications to be able to telework.

no latency

latency, or server timeout, is now practically imperceptible thanks to 5G. And if we go beyond having a phone in our hands, we will be able to verify its usefulness in the near future. Thanks to this reduction, it will be possible for communications between an autonomous car and the traffic management centers to also be in real time.

It will allow, for example, in complex city driving situations, the vehicle to quickly receive any incident and assess the options to be taken. It will be impossible for the car to skip a red light when you are not driving.

More connected devices

Within the domestic sphere, and as one of the main advantages of this technology, is that it will allow more connected devices without this affecting the quality of communications. And it is clear that more and more smart homes that make use of home automation need very fast networks.

Especially to be able to offer a competitive response on a day-to-day basis in many situations. With this, and according to the latest information from the operators, it is estimated that 5G will be capable, as soon as it is fully operational, of providing support 1 million devices connected for every square kilometer.

Saving lives remotely? Now yes

Surely you did not know this, but it is absolutely real. Because thanks to this technology we can save lives. This is because he is able to dispose of his speed and no latency to perform surgeries remotely. The example was given last year with a surgeon who was in London and whose patient was a banana and who was in an operating theater in California.

The doctor managed to perform a suture in real time. If we imagine the possibilities of saving lives in a short time and without the need for a specialized medical team to travel, we will understand the usefulness of 5G. And saving lives is something that can be done in various ways, one of them is with the fight against fire. Drones equipped with this technology will be able to send georeferenced data, as well as heat maps and the disposition of the human team that is in front of a fire. I know waiting times will be reduced and a fire could be tackled more quickly.

New methods of purchase and security

5G will also open the door to new uses for our devices. The experience of buy in stores It could be covered with augmented reality, which indicates the nutritional value of a food just by focusing the camera on it. Thus, wearables will allow health monitoring at a medical level, in connection with health centers.

Added to this is its usefulness for connecting household devices. As such, having a home automation system with WiFi is a risk because this technology is quite insecure. So make the jump to 5G offers us better answersmore quality, and above all much more security.

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