4K TV Samsung “The Frame” in the test: Smart TV and picture frame at the same time

4k tv samsung the frame in the test smart tv.jpeg
4k tv samsung the frame in the test smart tv.jpeg

The Frame wants to be more than just a television: On the wall, it transforms into an elegant picture frame. It is even anti-reflective, but has small weaknesses.

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Samsung has relaunched its chic picture frame TV The Frame. Unlike its predecessor, the 2022 model has a finely frosted glass surface. The rest of the equipment is similar to last year’s model: only a single cable runs from the TV display to the One Connect box, which contains all the connections. Audio and video data and the electricity flow to the TV via the “invisible cable” – it is semi-transparent and therefore hardly noticeable on a light-colored wall. In addition to simple feet, Samsung also supplies a wall bracket that fixes The Frame very close to the wall.

The 2.5 centimeter thin display uses an edge LED backlight without local dimming. Therefore, the black value increases as soon as the display contains bright parts of the image. At the same time, rather dark areas in the image are not resolved properly. In principle, the panel has a very large color range, which Samsung unfortunately severely limits. In the film mode we prefer, the display showed less crisp colors than it could, even with HDR playback. But he succeeded in mixing the colors in a pleasantly natural way.

You can see the potential of the LCD when you call up Netflix: The red “N” is extremely full – until the film starts. When we set the color space to “native” as a test, the television proved to have very strong colors, and the contrast also increased. The contrast enhancement offered in the menu also brings more pep into the picture, but it produces a somewhat artificial HDR reproduction. A matter of taste.

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