3D printers on sale on Black Friday


If you are thinking of buying a 3D printer taking advantage of the discounts on these dates, pay attention because we have just received a list of some of them with significant discounts.

At the moment I put the list of the Anycubic brand, a brand that has PLA and resin printers. I have already tried the resin ones on numerous occasions, in fact I have a couple of them at home to print my miniatures.

I will update the list as I receive the response from the other manufacturers with whom I have come into contact.

Here is the classified list, with before and after prices in euros:

Anycubic deals on Black Friday

  • Kobra Go from 299.99 to 219.99
  • Vyper from 399 for 349
  • Photon M3 Plus from 699.99 for 579.99
  • Photon Mono X from 549 by 339
  • Photon M3 Max from 1099 by 979
  • Kobra Max from 569 to 529
  • Photon Mono X 6K 689 by 469
  • Photon Mono 4K 289 by 229
  • Photon Mono 4K from 278.99 for 183.93
  • Photon M3 from 365.53 for 271.76
  • Photon D2 from 953.22 for 709.88
  • Photon M3 Premium from 936.43 for 729.51

In addition to these printers, both FDM and resin, they also have the machine for cleaning and curing, resin and filament on offer:

  • Wash&Cure Plus from 259.99 for 191.99
  • Resin mystery gift box of 70 by 40
  • Filament mystery gift box of 52 by 36
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