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3D design and the professions of the future

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Looking to the future is looking directly at technology and leisure. We live in a society in constant technological development and in which, especially in the recreational section, we have more and more entertainment options. Specifically, if we look at the video games and virtual reality sector, we will see that, during the last decade, it is an industry that has grown at a dizzying rate both in the quality of its products and in the wide variety of alternatives that exist for daily leisure. Video consoles, download platforms, influencers who broadcast their games live, VR glasses …

We find ourselves in a context that, while generating entertainment opportunities, also creates new jobs, new jobs. To a certain extent, we are already talking about what will be the professions of the future, those that will have the greatest demand and specialization and that present the greatest potential. In fact, we currently have training resources such as the master in virtual reality and 3d design online by Implika Training. A tool with which to achieve that professional profile that will be demanded in the future and that, in fact, begins to be necessary in our present.

We are talking about a master’s degree that trains its students in everything related to 3d modeling for the development of videogames or virtual reality environments, but which may even have applications in animation cinema. The objective of this training is create professionals with a technological and creative profile, who master the main tools used in the industry and have the necessary skills to adapt to the trends that are yet to come. Professionals versatile, dynamic and expert.

What is 3D modeling?

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Before delving into the preparation offered by the Implika Formación master’s degree, it is important to know precisely what does the concept «3d modeling«. Basically, it is about artificially representing an object, element or living being through the use of specific software for this purpose. It is the process that is followed to create video game characters, or the environments or landscapes in which they are found. At this point we could also talk about 3D printing, but we are going to focus on its applications for leisure when it comes to virtual reality.

A master’s degree to train the professionals of the future

Why do we insist on the concept “the professionals of the future”? Because the ideal circumstances exist to glimpse what will be the most demanded profiles in the short term, given the unstoppable upward trend of the sector. In this sense, the Master in Augmented Reality, Virtual Worlds, and Online Gamification from Implika Formación is the ideal option for enter this exciting industry and receive the best training to achieve a high level of employability.

It is an exclusive master’s degree in which students will learn to develop 3D applications for any device and master the main three-dimensional development software such as Unity 3D. Furthermore, tThey will also be able to assimilate the processes of development, design and creation of VR and video game projects, as well as providing that creative component that makes any project unique and has added value.

What jobs can you do after finishing the master’s degree?

Once the student has successfully passed the online master’s degree in Augmented Reality, Virtual Worlds, and Gamification, they will be prepared to fulfill different jobs, and even will have the necessary skills to adapt to the new professional profiles that are yet to arrive. On the one hand, the student will be able to perform tasks as a special effects technician in both 3D and 2D or edit multimedia content with the possibility of interaction with the user.

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In addition, he will also be willing to perform tasks as a 3D modeling and digital graphics producer, and even as a designer and creator of virtual spaces for immersive VR projects. On the other hand, you will have the ability to work as a developer of multimedia audiovisual products and applications and the realization of video game and animation projects for consumer content.

What are the requirements to enter the master’s degree?

We arrived at the million dollar question: what conditions must I meet to access the master’s degree and prepare for the professions of the future? For starters, it is an ideal master for those programming and animation professionals who have concerns or even aspirations to deepen and improve your skills in creating videogames, both in 3D and 2D. But the truth is that the online master’s degree in Augmented Reality, Virtual Worlds, and Gamification is a suitable option for anyone who meets a creative, dreamer and enthusiastic profile for the virtual world or gamer.

A sector with great potential for the future

Why is specializing in this branch a bet for the future? Because we are talking about a sector, that of virtual reality, augmented reality or video games, which is booming. A trend that continues to grow and whose end does not seem to be in sight. Without going any further, experts in the field predict that the industry will reach 100,000 million in turnover during 2021. A vast economic impact within a versatile ecosystem with job opportunities.

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