25 years of Netflix: video celebrates the historic brand of the platform

25 years of Netflix: video celebrates the historic brand of the platform
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You might think that Netflix is ​​a recent brand, as the movie and series streaming market has only become popular in recent years, but the red giant is much older than you might think. In fact, she is celebrating 25 years of existence this week.

Through a video called “The Story of Netflix”, the streaming giant recaps its 25 years of existence, from its inception to the moment it became the leader in home entertainment.

Long before it was known as a streaming platform, Netflix was a digital video store where people could go to a website, choose a movie from the catalog and wait for it to be delivered to their home in the mail as a DVD. The new video chronicles that experience and even features snippets of past commercials for the service.

Throughout the video, we can see the evolution that home entertainment has gone through in recent years and the challenges that Netflix faced when it still delivered physical copies to subscribers.

The most interesting thing is to see how Netflix created a new consumer culture, largely because of its original series, which helped to further boost the service’s popularity.

The video even makes room for commenting on the “Netflix and chill” phenomenon, which has become a pretext for inviting someone to date.

And have you followed Netflix since it arrived in Europe?

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