23 essential tips to take advantage of macOS

una aplicacion de macos importante para este 2021.jpg
una aplicacion de macos importante para este 2021.jpg

Whether you are a seasoned Apple user or a newcomer to the world of the bitten apple, you cannot miss this tutorial based on the 23 essential tips to get the most out of macOS.

We hope from iOSMac, whatever your level of use of an Apple computer is that you will discover among all the tricks and tips that we propose some that you did not know.

Apps and desktops

Use Spotlight: If there is something that when you discover you cannot stop using it is Spotlight, Apple’s search interface that will allow you to locate anything on your computer. And to use it just press Cmd + space.

Exchange between applications: Curiously it is a function that Windows also has, but that until I switched to macOS I had not used. And it is the power to switch between open applications. Pressing Cmd + Tab a window opens with the apps in use. And to switch between them, just keep pressing the tab and release it when the application we want to work on is selected.

Close apps: In macOS if an application is not closed, it is always open. And the best thing is that we can close it quickly from the exchange of applications. When we are on the program that we want to close we press Cmd + Q.

Active corners: If you don’t know about this macOS option, I recommend that you at least take a look at it. You can make sure that when the mouse is moved to one of the four corners of the desktop, a function is activated such as putting the computer to sleep or going to the desktop. Accede to System Preferences> Desktop and Screensavers> Screensavers> Hot Corners and research the options.

Hide a window: If a window on the desktop bothers you and you want to hide it, not to minimize it, just press Cmd + H. To see the hidden window again, either press the corresponding program in the Dock or use Cmd + tab.

Hide all windows: It may be that at a certain moment you need to close all the windows, except the one of the program in use, quickly. Pressing Cmd + Alt + H, you will get it.

Switch between application windows: If we have different windows of the same program open and we want to navigate between them, pressing Cmd + ^ we can move easily.

Switch between desktops: if you are one of those who have a lot of desktops in use and that each program opens in a specific one, to switch between the different desktops you can press Ctrl + left / right arrow. You can too press F3 and see all open desktops.

Manage files

Open folders quickly: You have folders on your desktop and you want to open a specific one. If you have your hands on the keyboard, just navigate with the arrows through the folders and when you get to the one you want to open press Cdm + down arrow.

Sort desktop: If you have Mojave or later and you are one of those who uses the desktop to store folders and documents and it is difficult for you to keep order, you have a quick and easy solution. The right button of the mouse on the desktop and “Use batteries”. The files will be organized by their type.

Delete files: You already know that to send something to the trash the quick way is Cmd + Delete. But if you are very sure, even if the computer asks you and you want to save yourself the step of the trash, just press Alt + Cmd + Delete.

We continue with the 23 essential tips to take advantage of macOS and with one of the aspects that I like the most about Apple, the screenshots. In Windows you have to use screen printing and then go to an editing program to select what you want, but not with Apple.