2 ways to enter your router if you have forgotten the password


Entering our router allows us to change the configuration to modify, for example, the WiFi key. Or to configure the different wireless networks, to create guest networks or to create MAC filters. But we can’t enter the settings without a password. We will need admin and password to access when you press in the browser and if you have forgotten the password these two options will help you to enter it.

If nothing works, contact your carrier for a solution. But before doing so, there are some tricks that will help you even if you don’t remember the password.

Find the default data

The first thing we must do is look for the default access data of the router. Maybe you haven’t even changed the access password and it’s just as it was when the technician installed it. In that case, you only need to find the original password and default data to try to access the router. Normally this is very simple because it will be enough to go to the device itself and we will find an adhesive label or a sticker on the bottom of it… user is usually “admin” by default and the password or key of the router is that of the WiFi by default.

We can also use the router’s instruction manual in case there is a combination of name and username and password that is activated by default. Or we can search it on Google trying to find that model and that brand in case there is a combination that we must use before modifying it manually.

Use wifi repeater router

In addition, another useful trick or tip can be to use a specialized page such as routerpasswords.com where we can choose the brand of router that we have at home and the model to see the default password that comes with that device (if it is not an operator router , for example) before we’ve changed it.

Once we have managed to enter with the default data, we can change the password or the user to access it, the configuration, etc.

Factory reset

If the default key or the default data does not work because we changed it a long time ago, we can factory reset the router so that these are the ones we must use. Of course, we must have them at hand if we want to be able to enter but generally, as we have said before, we can find the access data on a sticker that will be at the bottom of the installed device.

The difference between resetting the router and rebooting is thatand if we restore from factory we will have the initial values before any kind of configuration. It will erase all the information and the Wi-Fi access key and the network name will be the ones you saw by default, the ones the technician entered when you installed it, the ones that come on the sticker.

What is each cable router for?

To reset we can do it from the browser but we will need the password so this option is ruled out and you must do it from the router itself. For it, look for a hole in the back of it or on the side. We must introduce something sharp in this hole. A ballpoint pen tip, a pin, something similar. And hold for ten or fifteen seconds. Keep it until you see all the router’s LED lights turn on and off. Then only the Power button will be on and the router will start to reset.

If you have doubts about the time in which we should keep it, each operator indicates it in the instructions or in the manual of each of the router models. Simply consult it on the help page or ask through customer service.

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