15 years of union between Apple and (RED): Donations of 50% …

apple iphone 12 color red 10132020.jpg
apple iphone 12 color red 10132020.jpg

Something inherent and that is undeniable about Apple is that it is more than a technology company. Committed to the environment and solidarity causes, one of the existing options is the possibility of buying products from the (RED) range, knowing that the company will allocate part of the profits to finance studies that fight for the eradication of diseases such as AIDS or COVID. Now it is Apple alliance celebrates its 15th anniversary and it does so by donating 50% of the profits to Africa.

(RED) is a great idea with a very promising future and solidarity as a flag

Apple has an alliance with (RED), a charity that raises funds with the goal of eliminating AIDS in several African countries. Apple sells a variety of products in the color red knowing that part of those profits They are destined to help the most disadvantaged. My Apple Watch is red and I think my next iPhone will be too.

The association shared a video highlighting the 15-year anniversary with Apple. In all that time I know has raised almost 270 million Dollars through the sale of devices and accessories.

Generally, the proceeds from these purchases go to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, as we have already said. However from 2020 and also in 2021 and 2022, Apple earmarked the proceeds to the Global Fund to support health systems in Africa threatened by the pandemic generated by COVID-19.

In fact, in this Christmas campaign, half of the profit of product sales with the (RED) tag will be donated to the Global Fund to help fight the COVID-19 outbreaks in sub-Saharan Africa. The other half will continue to be used to fight AIDS research.

You know you have a specialized website in these products and the project created by Apple together with (RED). You can track the money that is invested in these projects. But above all you will get information about which products are eligible So that when you buy them you know that part of that money goes to the most needy.

By the way, I do not want to miss this opportunity to be able We wish that their Majesties the Magi have left you many gifts and above all Health. If they have left something from Apple, stay on these pages to get the most out of your devices.