123Milhas cancels airline tickets for customers; know how to proceed | TC detective

 123Milhas cancels airline tickets for customers;  know how to proceed |  TC detective
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In the last week, customers went to online complaint platforms and social networks to report airline ticket cancellations or failure to issue tickets purchased through the 123Milhas website.

The matter gained repercussion last weekend, after the cases came to light, as well as the losses of consumers. Detective TC explains the situation and shows you how to proceed in scenarios like you.

understand the case


At the end of the last week, customers who had purchased tickets through the 123Milhas platform began to file complaints against the company, for cancellation of the trip or for failure to issue tickets.

There is a pattern in the cases: everyone would have purchased tickets in the form of “flexible tickets”, which require the definition of round-trip dates, with flexibility of one day for the respective departures.

Reports heard by media outlets such as UOL show that affected customers lost up to R$14,000 with plans frustrated as a result of cancellations. already the State of Mines I have heard of people who even lost attendance at marriages because of the incident.

Other examples seen on the internet indicate the need to travel to participate in contests, go abroad or even see concerts scheduled for the festival. Rock in Rio.

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In the first two days of the event, there were more than 800 complaints made just by considering the Reclame Aqui website. Customers even spent hours in the service channels in search of a solution, without success.

Throughout the day this Tuesday (30), Procon-SP even notified the travel platform and demanded clarifications provided by the company, with the deadline until September 6th.

The request also requires complaints from consumers, documents with the number of people affected, the plan to return the amounts disbursed by the injured users and the sending of tickets and communications to them.

official answer

123Milhas has released a note to the press that regrets what has happened in recent days, as well as explains that there was an inconsistency in the system for sending a “form” for the modality of tickets and flexible packages.

She denies that there has been a deliberate cancellation of packages or flights sold on the website and guarantees that she “hones all commitments”. The company also guarantees that it will resolve all reported cases by next Friday, September 2nd.

“We regret this and inform you that 123milhas, in addition to providing all the necessary support to affected customers, will resolve all these cases by Friday (09/02).”

123 Miles

123Milhas also justified the loss of tickets due to the failure to fill in a form necessary for the issuance. There are reports that indicate having responded to the mentioned document, while others did not even receive it.

How to proceed?

If the company’s customer has felt harmed in any way, the paths are to look for platforms where you can file a complaint and mediate contact with 123Milhas.

One of them is the Reclame Aqui, where the user can make his request public and wait for a response from the company. The other consists of Consumidor.gov, a platform of the Federal Government with mediation by Procon to lead to an agreement between the parties.

In both cases, it is necessary to gather all documents – such as extracts, service protocols and screenshots – that prove the cancellation of the ticket or the impossibility of withdrawing the tickets, to enforce Art. 35 of the Consumer Defense Code – which requires compliance with the service.

If 123Milhas does not fulfill its promises by the date in question, the customer can go to court to seek for their rights. Even if there is a contact with the company’s clarification, the Theory of Consumer Productive Deviation – which establishes the event as an unnecessary loss of useful time – can be a procedural path to the affected user.

Have you also suffered or know someone who has had problems with 123Milhas in recent days? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.