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11 alternatives to Tinder to flirt and date

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There is life beyond Tinderbut not in the sense of going out into the street in an “analogical” way, like primitive pre-technological beings, but in the sense of trying your luck with other platforms, applications and social networks that allow you to find a partner with whom to share romance, sex or just a good time (something that is also sometimes achieved with romance and sex, on the other hand).

Some platforms specialized in dating are committed to solid and romantic relationships while others facilitate fleeting and sexual encounters

Spain is the third country with the most queries on online dating portalswith more than two million annual searches, being surpassed only by the United States and Brazil, both countries with a much higher population, and to continue leading that classification, it may not hurt to provide information on other platforms that may not be as popular as Tinder but probably just as effective.

Some of these platforms can specialize in certain “market niches” (by hobby, religion, sexual orientation, politics…) so it will be necessary to evaluate beforehand if you belong to that social group or if you are interested in finding a partner who belongs to that social group. to said group. It may also be the case that some platforms, precisely because they are not so well known, have a smaller universe of potential partners, but who knows where the better half is?

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Finally, it is not mandatory to focus on a single of these platforms, so several apps installed on the same device can coexist perfectly.

-Adopt: Previously known as “AdoptAUncle” it provides women with the dominant factor as they are the ones who can take the initiative and decide whether to start a contact or if it continues. The platform is committed to long-term relationships and claims to achieve more than 15,000 formal couples each year in Spain, in addition to countless dates between its users.

-Badoo: It is the platform that follows Tinder in terms of popularity and is also one of the oldest, having started operating in 2006. It currently has more than 330 million users in 190 countries.

Some of its functions are only available in the premium version and it is used both by users who want to make friends and by those who want to go a step further, whether in the field of sex without further commitment, or in the romantic field with the intention of forging a solid relationship.

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-Bumble: As a distinctive note in Bumble, it is the woman who will take the first step. The man will be able to make a “match” with as many women as he wants, but only if they are also interested and start a conversation will they be able to connect and talk.

-Gleeden: It can be defined as “a Tinder for infidels”, especially aimed at women who are married or have a partner but want to find lovers in a discreet way.

Therefore, they are the ones who take the initiative. Of them, it decides who can access their information and their photographs and the app is free for them, while lovers will have to pay a subscription to be able to talk with them. It currently claims to have 8 million users worldwide.

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-Grind: Grindr is specifically focused on users belonging to the LGTBIQ+ community. It is available in many countries and has millions of daily active users and because of its orientation it can be an attractive option for those who do not achieve success on “generic” platforms, even those that contain various sexual orientation options beyond the heteronormative.

-Happn: Your proposal is very original, but at the same time it can be difficult to achieve success. Happn is based on achieving contact between people who have passed each other on the street when one of them would like to have a meeting. The difficulty is that both people would have to have installed that app on their device. To achieve success, it is based on geolocation and currently has 70 million users worldwide since it began its activity in 2014.

-Jaumo: With more than 30 million users, its biggest advantage is the number of free functions it has and that, for those who do not have privacy problems with the following question, it allows you to register from social profiles on different platforms. As a curiosity, it only allows other users to see the personal information of the categories that the user himself has filled in his own profile.

-Match: Its name (an English word that means both game and encounter or pairing) has ended up designating the moment in which two people meet or become a couple through apps and platforms of this type.

With an appearance and operation very similar to any social network, it has enough functions to get its users to find a partner for romantic or sexual dates. Instead of chats, it offers direct messages in the form of letters, but the most advanced functions can only be accessed by paying for the premium option.

-Meetic: It is based more on the search for a stable partner than on casual encounters, so its users may be less in number, but they do have in their favor the factor of knowing that the rest of the platform’s users are also looking for a relationship. of that same type.

It is one of the oldest, which also began its journey as a website, and although it does not have an age limit, it is more common to find more mature and older users. It is of great importance to provide as much information as possible regarding tastes, interests and preferences so that the potential “match” is clear about the points in common.

-OKCupid: Its greatest success lies in the use of an algorithm that preselects the most suitable candidates based on the information provided in the profiles in terms of preferences, tastes and interests.

This would allow users to spend less time browsing profiles with which a priori a “match” would not be achieved due to lack of affinity. That is why it is also essential to answer as many of the questions proposed by the platform and enter as much information as possible, so that the algorithm can work as efficiently as possible.

-Plenty of Fish (POF): With a funny name (“Many fish”, for the phrase “there are many fish in the sea”) it has more than 3 million daily active users and as a distinctive feature it allows live broadcasts. Its beginnings date back to 2003, although it was then a web page, making it one of the oldest platforms.

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