10th generation iPad becomes more attractive with new design, A14 chip and USB-C | Hands-on video

 10th generation iPad becomes more attractive with new design, A14 chip and USB-C |  Hands-on video

Officially launched in Europe at the beginning of this month, the 10th generation iPad is now available for purchase on the Cupertino manufacturer’s official website and also at national retailers.

Apple’s traditional tablet reached its tenth generation, receiving several design adjustments and is now much more attractive.

But, it must be made clear that this iPad is still the gateway to Apple’s universe in the tablet market, especially in a post-pandemic world where demand for this type of device has grown again.

Want to know more? So scroll down the page and get to know the details of Apple’s least expensive tablet.

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  • cameras
  • First impressions and price
design and accessories

The front of the tenth generation iPad has changed for the better and now features a display with symmetrical edges, leaving aside the classic Touch ID button at the bottom and showing that its look has finally reached 2022.

Here we still have considerable edges around the 10.9-inch IPS LCD panel, making it clear that Apple wanted to emphasize that this is still an entry-level tablet The 10th generation iPad is available in four colors: white, yellow, magenta red and blue.

As for the Touch ID sensor, it is now located at the top next to the audio outputs, and we also have two lower ones to ensure stereo sound with four speakers.

Taking into account the positioning of this tablet, the audio quality is very good and we have sound with high volume and well balanced.

A very important point of the 10th generation iPad is the presence of a USB-C port for charging and connecting peripherals, such as an external hard drive, for example.

Apple also sells a new keyboard accessory for the tenth generation iPad that is split into two parts. The first can be attached to the tablet for hands-free use.

The second part has a keyboard and a small touchpad so that the iPad becomes a small notebook for professional use.

And what’s in the box? The iPad itself, USB-C cable, the charger and manuals. That is, no begging from Apple in this product.

screen and hardware

The screen of the 10th generation iPad is 10.9 inches. That is, slightly larger than the 10.2 of the previous model, and in both cases there is a retina display.

However, this panel is not laminated as found on the fourth and fifth generation iPad Air. This means that the screen is covered in glass and there is a small gap between it and the bezel. As a result, we have an apparently hollow touch, but the advantage is that in a possible fall, only the glass breaks, preserving the panel.

When it comes to the processor, the 10th generation iPad uses the Apple A14 Bionic. This brings a good performance improvement on the CPU and GPU part, in addition to delivering a much more fluid experience for typical use by a common user. That is, without bottlenecks to run applications, perform heavier activities or play games.

In terms of connectivity, the 10th generation iPad gains 5G connection, Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.2, in addition to having support for the first generation Apple Pencil.

But it’s always good to remember that this accessory is sold separately and that you’ll need an adapter to recharge the pen on the iPad, since it has a Lightning port and it uses USB-C.

Finally, talking about the battery, Apple says that it can guarantee up to 10 hours of continuous use on Wi-Fi, but that number may drop in case of use on the cellular network.


Quickly talking about the software, the tenth generation iPad uses iPadOS 16. Apple’s new tablet operating system is more similar to macOS, with updates to window control and new productivity tools.

The Software also adds many new features shared with iOS 16, such as the ability to edit or cancel the sending of texts in iMessage and Freeform, a tool aimed at cooperative work that supports texts, audios and videos.

It also has updates to native apps like Weather, Mail, and Photos.


The 10th generation iPad has a single 12 MP rear camera and the software features intelligent HDR to ensure the best records in the most diverse scenarios.

Videos can also be recorded in 4K resolution at 60 fps on the rear, while the front lens is also 12 MP and is much more optimized than the previous generation.

That is, the user should be faced with higher quality videos in calls or even clearer photos when taking that selfie with friends at work, for example.

First impressions and price

Announced on Europeian soil for BRL 5,299 in the version with Wi-Fi or BRL 6,899 in the version with Wi-Fi and cellular connection, the 10th generation iPad is really the gateway to Apple’s tablet ecosystem.

However, it must be remembered that the prices quoted are only for the version with 64 GB of internal storage. In any case, it is notable that Apple’s least expensive iPad has evolved and brought notable improvements, something quite different from what happened with the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus.

However, it remains an expensive device and is still aimed at the niche of those who are Apple fans or simply have a lot of money and do not care about the price.

In short: it’s a good entry-level tablet, but the price remains prohibitive. If this is going to change, we don’t think so.

The Apple iPad 10 is not yet available in Europeian stores. To be notified when it arrives click here.

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