10 Useful Alexa Commands that No One Knows


By now we all know Amazon’s voice assistant, better known as Alexa. With the passage of time, she has gone from something that amazed us to something that is really useful in our daily lives. It offers so many possibilities such as Alexa voice commands exist. Since we cannot learn them all, we have looked for the 10 commands that may be useful to us and that we possibly did not know.

Alexa is getting better and better, and after Amazon’s latest conference, it seems like she still has a lot to offer. The arrival of artificial intelligence promises to be a before and after for the great voice assistant of the global trade giant, but until that arrives, we are going to see some commands that can help us a lot.

Although we don’t know it, Alexa can play white noise, manage the shopping list and many other things. This is all that Amazon’s voice assistant can automate by giving a simple voice command.

From white noise to rain sounds and much more

Let’s go over some of those voice commands and what features they unlock. The voice command recognition system is quite natural, so you can really test whether it can do something by saying the command after the Alexa vocative and speaking as if you were speaking to a person.

According to experts, white noise is ideal for masking or covering up other sounds coming from the environment, such as vehicles, construction, or a dog’s bark, helping you concentrate and even relax. Alexa can help you achieve this and you would simply have to say “Alexa, white noise” and a sound that meets those conditions will be played randomly.

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If you prefer other relaxing sounds such as rain, a storm, waterfall or fireplace, Alexa can also play them just by saying “Alexa, play sound for…”.

If you are undecided and are one of those who prefer to leave certain decisions in the hands of chance, Alexa can act as a coin to get heads or tails or a dice if you want six alternatives or you are playing Parcheesi and you have only taken the chips. Whatever the case, you will simply have to say “Alexa, heads or tails”, “Alexa, flip a coin” or “Alexa, roll a dice”.

Despite the rise of audiobook services like Audible, there is still a trick for Alexa to become our personal narrator of a book that we have purchased in Kindle format. You will simply have to say “Alexa, read book XXX” and Alexa’s voice will begin to play the book that you have indicated in audio format.

If you like ASMR or just that even you voice assistant whisper things in your ear, you can make Alexa lower her voice so as not to disturb others. Gave “Alexa, whisper mode” Or start whispering first so that he understands that you want to speak quietly and starts doing it.

A good way to take advantage of Alexa is to help you make your shopping list. With the command “Alexa, let’s make the shopping list” You can add and delete the products you want. Adding items to the list is very easy too. You simply say “Alexa, add XXX to the shopping list” and that’s it. This way Alexa will always know what you need and you won’t waste any more time writing down groceries or wandering around the supermarket. Later you can check what you have included in this list with Alexa, what do I have on my shopping list?”.

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But if we want Alexa to be our true voice assistant, we have to customize it as much as possible. To do this, we will use the command “Alexa, recognize my voice” which will allow us to obtain much more personalized responses when we speak to you. When asked, we will have to say the four phrases that the voice assistant asks us for so that it correctly registers our voice.

Alexa is configured to speak with a tone of voice and speed that is comfortable for us to hear, but some people may find that she responds a little slowly. Luckily, we have the “Alexa, speak faster” command for the voice assistant to increase the speed at which it responds. This will remain active until we tell it to speak slower.