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10 practical tips to create free logos

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Creating a logo is a somewhat different task than creating other types of visual products. Let’s think that a logo is an element that will serve to represent a company, a sports team, an NGO or any other public entity. Consequently, this logo must be able to adequately represent the corresponding firm and also to convey its values ​​at a glance, highlighting the most important points of its activity.

Consequently, the design of logos requires certain duly regulated procedures, whose purpose is to adapt that graphic image to the objectives that we have just outlined. To make this whole process much easier for you, we leave you some tips on how you can do it.

1. Keep in mind the budget

Although the artistic part should be above the money, the truth is that the budget is important when designing a logo and distributing it or publicly disseminating it. The good news is that there are aspects in which we can save, such as the tool to design that corporate image. Today we have numerous options on the Internet to create free logoswhich allows us to save time and money by using specific software to design our corporate image.

2. The competition is only an inspiration

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When we design a logo, we are often tempted to evaluate what the competition is doing and tend to copy all or part of those designs. It is true that maintaining a certain uniformity or similarity with the logos of companies that operate in the same sector or that have objectives and approaches similar to ours is reasonable, but it should be remembered that our image must be unique and exclusive, precisely to differentiate ourselves from our competition.

Consequently, the preliminary analysis that is done during the initial phases of the design should only serve to get a first idea of ​​the market in order to adapt our logo later.

3. Groundbreaking designs have their risks

If we go exactly to the opposite side of the advice that we have just offered you, sometimes we are tempted to design a logo that is extremely groundbreaking with what is established in order to attract the attention of the market and consumers.

This idea can be valid if it is, for example, the logo for a sportswear firm or for a new energy drink, but it can be risky if it is not the case, as would happen in the logo design of a bank or a law firm.

4. Less is more

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When it comes to designing logos, simplicity is essential. If we think about some of the most famous logos such as those of Twitter, Facebook or Nike, we will see how they are all quite simple in their approach. Consequently, it is important that our logo is not overloaded with unnecessary elements and that it offers an image that is as clear and clean as possible.

5. Use color sparingly

In line with the above, when it comes to designing logos it is important that they have color but not in excess. Continuing with the previous example, many well-known logos only have two or three colors present, these being more than enough to create a uniform and interesting image for the user. Let’s think that many times the logo has a small size and the presence of many colors can distort its image, which does not help it stand out too much.

6. Please note the size

A logo is a versatile image that will be used from a business card to the signs or posters of our delegations, without forgetting, in addition, its use in different digital formats, from the favicon of our website to the heading of the Web. Consequently, the logo design must allow these different applications, always maintaining the necessary image quality regardless of the size in which we print or use it.

7. Time matters

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Many times we can be tempted to include elements in our logos that may lose their meaning over time. This is what happens if we use trendy fonts or colors that can fade into the background in a short time. To avoid this, it is essential to use elements that will always be present in the minds of consumers and users.

8. Don’t forget about symmetry

Although there is some controversy about it, when it comes to the design of a logo the symmetry It is another element that we must take into consideration. This affects issues such as the central position of the different elements with respect to the space available within the logo, a similar distance between the edges of the image and those of the support it is on, and other similar compositions. Achieving this harmony will generally make the vision of the logo much more pleasant for users.

9. The background also exists

When designing a logo, many times we think of the main element present in it, but we leave aside the background. An error that prevents us from framing our logo properly, since the game with the background allows us to highlight these elements and even reinforce their presence.

In this sense, we can use an adequate contrast that allows us to highlight or complement its content. Or if we prefer a simpler solution, we can opt for a transparent background, which makes the image itself or the text present in the logo stand out. As always, it is convenient to do several tests in this regard.

10. Beware of graphic elements

If your logo is made up of graphics and text, it is important to maintain an adequate balance between both elements. One of the main errors that we see in those who design logos is that these graphic elements overlap the name of the company or the text present in it, which, without a doubt, affects the communication capacity of said logo. In this section it is also convenient to organize both elements in a coherent way so that they offer a homogeneous image to consumers.

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