10 news that will come soon to WhatsApp

whatsapp vaccination stickers
whatsapp vaccination stickers
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WhatsApp Vaccination Stickers

WhatsApp has been working on some improvements for its messaging platform for several months, which will be incorporated in the coming months. These improvements focus on the implementation of new functionalities that will improve the use of the platform for users.

WhatsApp is testing all these functions in its latest beta versions

For those users who want to know what new functions will be coming to WhatsApp shortly, these are the 10 functions that will be implemented in the future:

-Multi-device: This functionality will allow users to log in to several devices at the same time to be able to use the WhatsApp account from their mobile and from their computer at the same time, without depending on a “base” device, as is now the case with the web version.

-Preview of the links: When a message with a link is received, WhatsApp shows a small card with a preview with information about the destination web page. WhatsApp is working on larger previews, which improve the user experience by displaying information more easily.

-Video quality: WhatsApp is working on a feature that will allow users to select the quality of the videos when sending them, which will save mobile data and reduce sending and download times.

-WhatsApp stores: This functionality has already been introduced in the application and is available to users. These stores will allow implementing the product catalog in WhatsApp Business, where customers can consult it from the application and start a purchase process.

-Photos that self-destruct: If messages that self-destruct were introduced a few months ago, now WhatsApp wants to implement images that will disappear once they have been viewed or put an expiration date on the images, so that they are deleted when the date arrives. That is, a maximum time will be set, once the image is completed it will disappear even if it has not been opened.

-Listen to the audios before sending them: WhatsApp is developing a new functionality that will allow you to review an audio note before sending it. At the moment, this functionality will be only for iOS, although it is possible that it will also arrive for Android. The functionality will add a new button that will allow you to listen to the audio and then send it.

-Expanded self-destructing messages: WhatsApp already has a function that allows you to configure chats so that messages are deleted after 7 days. Now, you are working on an expanded “disappear mode” that can be activated for all new chats, with messages that will last 24 hours.

-Transfer the chats: The platform is working on a functionality to transfer the history of chats to a different phone number. Currently, conversations are linked to a phone number, so if the number is changed, the conversations are linked to the previous number and are lost. The new functionality will allow chats to be linked to a new number.

-Change from Android to iOS: As with the phone number, conversations are also tied to an operating system. If you use WhatsApp on Android and switch to iOS, conversations are lost. With the new functionality, it will be possible to change the operating system and transfer the conversations to the new terminal.

-Suggested stickers: WhatsApp is preparing a functionality that will suggest stickers to users based on what is being written. To do this, WhatsApp will analyze the first word written in the chat bar and suggestions for related stickers will be displayed. For now, this functionality will only be available for official stickers.